Saturday, March 26, 2011

Configuring ODI for integrating with Hyperion Financial Management Application

I will be using Single-machine architecture; machine will be hosting ODI and hosting HFM and EPM foundation (Workspace and shared services). I have created a FM application named SAMPLE that is based on the “Simple Demo” information that can be found in “Hyperion\products\Financial Management\Sample Apps\Simple Demo\” of the HFM installation.

The machine is windows based as that is a pre-requisite for HFM and also the HFM client that has to be installed on the ODI machine.
The EPM version installed is
We need to perform some work around solutions for integrating ODI 11g with EPMA

Step: 1) Go to directory C:\oracle\Middleware\Oracle_ODI1\oracledi\agent\lib Copy the HFMDriver.dll file and pest it to directory

Step: 2) If you will use the “Local Agent” you will need to add the driver location to the windows environment variable (Path).

Once you have added the location make sure you restart all the ODI components to pick up the driver or you will continue to receive the error message.

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